Android 8.0 – It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane it’s “Android Oreo”.

Google has finally revealed the official name of Android 8.0 or Android O and it’s “Oreo” as most of us have predicted. So what are the features of Android Oreo and what is new about Android Oreo? Go through this blog and we will tell you everything about Android Oreo.

Well there are a lot of features that the Android Oreo has. But some of the interesting features are present on the tag line of “Android Oreo” which is “Open Wander”. It’s smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever. The boot time is now 2x faster than the previous Android N. In the background Android Oreo helps to minimize the activity of the apps that you use the least to provide you a smooth experience.

With Android Oreo, now you do not have to install any third party “Autofill” app for all the social apps those you use in your phone. Now your operating system can save your passwords for the respective accounts with your permission.

Multi tasking or “Picture in picture” will help you to multitask on your phone. Here you can enlarge the screen size of the multitask window as per your requirement and there is complete freedom on the user. Samsung has implemented it way before Android Oreo from the Galaxy Note devices.

“Notification dots” is another cool feature of Android Oreo, where you can get a dot on the top right corner of an app if there is any notification available for the app. Samsung has already implemented this feature and in Samsung phones you can also get the number of notifications written on the top right corner of the app icon. With Android Oreo now you can use “Android Instant Apps” where you need not have to install the app on your phone. You can use them right from your mobile web browser(Google Chrome).

Google play protect will also come with Android Oreo which will help the user to keep their device protected. Also there is a small hint on the improvement of battery life. With Android Oreo now you can use a lot of new emojis as Google has redesigned the entire emoji set and added 60 new emoji to the list.

These are the best improvements in Android Oreo over Android Nougat. Let us know which feature you like the most. Also if you have any questions do let us know in the comments or email us at