Now you can apply for Jobs through Facebook.

Recently Facebook has announced a new tool by which the users can apply for jobs and companies or businesses can provide job opening information. After taking “Stories” from Snapchat, now Facebook took “LinkedIn” from LinkedIn. Facebook just duplicated the whole social network model of LinkedIn to their own platform.

Facebook has been working on this project from November 2016. Currently this feature is available in US and Canada and it’s appearing as bookmark option in the Facebook Business pages. Soon this feature will be available for all the Facebook users and businesses worldwide and the job openings might also appear in the news feed. Facebook is making it easy for users to apply for new jobs. No need to create multiple formats of resume, now you can just click on “Apply Now” button on Facebook Job posts. It will take all the work history and educational background details from user profile and the user can edit the information before submitting.

For Businesses and companies it will be easy to hire potential candidates and it will open up different job opportunity for more people. Business pages can also contact the applicants using Messenger. Facebook has confirmed that they will roll out this update world wide within next few weeks.