Now you can capture HDR RAW images with Lighroom Mobile app.

Lightroom mobile added RAW HRD capture feature for android mobiles and currently this feature is available for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This feature will only work on the inbuilt camera app of Lighroom mobile and not with the regular system camera app.

There are a few phones available which are capable of shooting RAW images. However, this feature is currently limited to these 4 phones and Adobe says these 4 phones are only capable to meet the requirement of this feature in terms of stability and product quality.

In this feature, Lightroom mobile app captures 3 RAW images at once and merges them together to produce an image with better dynamic range and color. Here, the users also can also give their input and edit the 3 RAW files individually to produce even better picture by adding their own creative control over the tool. This feature is already available for android platform and you can update the app from Google play store to enjoy this feature.