Facebook Messenger Lite is now available in India.

Like the “Facebook Lite” app, Facebook has launched a lite version of Messenger app targeting the users who are still using old/entry level smartphones or slow internet. The “Facebook Lite” app was initially launched for India only. However, this time the “Messenger Lite” app is available in 130 countries including India.

The “Messenger Lite” app is only available for Android users and it can be downloaded from the Google play store. The “Messenger Lite” app weights only 10MB, while the usual Messenger app (Android) is over 40MB and the iOS version of the Messenger app is around 300MB.

As this app is for the users who are using old/entry level smartphones where storage is a primary concern to keep any app, the “Facebook Lite” app does not provide all the functions available in the regular Messenger app or in the Messenger website. However, the basic tasks can be done quite easily.

Though there are several features available in Facebook which they can not provide through a mobile app, so Facebook has several applications like the native Facebook app, Messenger, Facebook page manager, Facebook Groups etc. So it is quite clear that a single user will not download all the apps to use all the services offered by Facebook. Hence, this selective choice of users might lead to the decrease in popularity of the messenger app. So this is yet another try from Facebook to retain their users.

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