Galaxy S8 ringtone “Over the Horizon 2017” released

Samsung has recently released the official ringtone “Over the Horizon 2017”. The tune is an improvisation of the previous version of “Over the Horizon” and is composed by Grammy Award winning artist Jacob Collier. “Over the Horizon” is the default ringtone for Samsung Galaxy devices starting from the first version of Galaxy S series and every year Samsung releases a new version of this tune.

For a premium phone like the Galaxy S8, Samsung has really put the similar effort to all sorts of tiny details. Previously we have seen how LG has created the wallpaper for their flagship LG G6.

Here is the full video of “Over the Horizon 2017”


Also this is a new leak by Evan Blass which shows the actual color of 3 different Galaxy S8 phones that are going to be launched in the Unpacked 2017.

It’s March 29, 2017 and today is the day for the much awaited tech event “Unpacked 2017” by Samsung. Today the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus will be released and you can watch the live broadcast in Samsung official website.