Gmail increases file attachment size limit to 50MB.

Recently Google has announced the increment in size of the attachment files. Now you can receive up to 50MB of attachment file in your Gmail. This feature will be available for both web browser and mobile apps. This update will be rolled out for all Gmail users within the end of this week.

If you are a Gmail user, you can notice that the feature is only available for receiving. If you have a work Email account and your Email service provider supports larger attachments then you can attach up to 50MB of attachments and send it to any Gmail account. There is a limit in receiving Emails on a Gmail account. You can only receive 60 Emails per minute. But that’s a huge number for a regular user. If you are using Gmail for your business then your account might get suspended for 24 hours if you receive more than 60 Emails per minute. This is a security feature to protect authentic users from spams.

The direct attachment file size in Gmail is still 25MB for sending an Email. However, you can use Google Drive if you want to send larger attachments.