Instagram adds the Pinterest killer update!

Instagram just added a new feature, where you can create collection of photos like Pinterest. On one of the latest blog post, Instagram explains this new feature by saying it’s a new productivity tool where you can collect specific type of pictures for your reference. However, this feature does not seem to be new. With this new update, now Instagram is directly targeting Pinterest by taking their pin tool.

Pinterest is a social networking website, where you can pin your favorite pictures for future reference. It might be for shopping or for any personal project. However, with increasing number of users in Instagram and with this new “Collection tool”, you can do the same in Instagram. Earlier, Instagram has released a feature, where users can save their favorite pictures of other users to their account and the saved pictures are only visible to the user. Also if a user has a business account in Instagram, he/she can check the number of times a picture from their gallery was saved by other users.

This new feature is available in the “Saved photos” area. By tapping on “Saved” icon, you can see two tabs “All” and “Collection” along with a “+” sign. By tapping on the “+” sign, you can create a new collection, rename it. Then you can select pictures and videos from your saved photos.

This feature may/may not be helpful for the Instagrammers but, Instagram just found a new room for ads. In future, you might see ads in your collection. Previously, Instagram has also taken the key feature from Snapchat; “Stories” which got a huge success. So what are your thoughts about this new feature. Is it really a new “Productivity tool”? Let us know in the comments.