Instagram mobile website now allows to upload photos and explore.

The largest photo sharing app Instagram just announced one new upgrade to its platform. From the beginning, Instagram has been application specific and was available for iOS and Android. But recently Instagram has updated its mobile website where, a User can upload a picture from the mobile device or various cloud services and use the Explore tab.

Previously Instagram website (both desktop and mobile version) only allowed the users to log in and view the contents. Also some other applications such as editing the user details, following a page, like, comments were available for the desktop version of the Instagram website. Now in this new upgrade, Instagram is providing a lightweight mobile interface, where a user can upload capture a picture and upload it directly from the mobile web browser. Some basic editing options are also available for the mobile website such as framing the picture properly and cropping option. Instagram filters are still not available on the mobile website platform. The mobile website even let you see the notifications and allow you to like and comment pictures and videos in Instagram.

Recently Instagram announced that they have currently over 700 million users and the fun fact is the last 100 million users were added in the last 4 months. So considering this growth rate, now Instagram is adding more and more features to this environment.

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