Instagram is bringing photo album option soon.

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing application has recently introduced a lot of interesting features which are being well appreciated among all Instagrammers and people who are active in social media. Some of these cool features are “Instagram story” an exact replica of Snapchat story, “Boomerang”, “Live story” etc. However, the coolest feature is yet to come. Instagram is currently working on this new feature where any user can upload a photo album to Instagram. This is definitely going to change your overall Instagram experience. Read the complete article to know the details about this feature.

In this new feature any Instagrammer can upload up to 10 photos at a time and create a photo gallery or photo album just like Facebook photo album. You can also add separate filters for all 10 pictures and edit them separately. This is not a new feature though. You must have seen Instagram ads with a lot of pictures before. While this feature was strictly available for the advertisement options now anyone can do it in their own account.

So from now you may have to swipe left and right in your Instagram feed rather than only a top to bottom endless scrolling.

As Instagram is currently working on this project, this feature is only available in the Android Beta version (10.7.0). Mostly Instagram introduces new features with iOS devices. However, this time there is no news on the development of this new feature on the iOS platform. If you want to get an early access to this feature you can definitely do it by following some simple steps.


  • While this new feature by Instagram is only available for the Android Beta version 10.7.0 not all the Beta testers may get this new feature to test with.
  • Apps in the Beta versions are unstable and they might crash or not work sometime.
  • If the app is crashing and you want to remove yourself from the beta testing program, simply uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you are an Android user,

  1. Go to Google playstore and search for Instagram.
  2. Scroll down on the Instagram app page, then you can find a section to become a Beta tester for Instagram.360techlife-instagram-photo-album-beta-tester-option
  3. Then tap on the back button and close the Google playstore. It will take some time to give you the Beta tester authorization.
  4. Then open the Google playstore and go to Instagram app. Now you can find the Instagram (Beta) app with an “Update” option.360techlife-instagram-photo-album-beta-version-01360techlife-instagram-photo-album-beta-version-02
  5. After updating the app go to Application manager on your phone and check if the version of the app is 10.7.0, also go to permissions and allow all the permissions.360techlife-instagram-photo-album-application-manager
  6. Now you can reboot the phone and test/enjoy this new feature which is yet to come for all other users.
  7. As Instagram is giving you the privilege to be a Beta tester for the app, you can submit your feedback in the Google playstore which will help Instagram to improve this feature.

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