Jio Phone: India’s best smartphone for next 3 years!

We all know about the “Jio Revolution” that had a huge impact on the Indian telecom Industry. It all started with free 4G data, calls and messages. Jio also provides a lot of apps for entertainment and basic service. It made India the largest data consuming country in the world and made the competitors (e.g. Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc.) to rethink about their strategy to survive. Now Jio Phone is here. Which has made the competitors to think of similar plans and to launch similar phones. Millions of people have already pre booked their Jio Phones. But here is the thing. Everything that you have in your mind about the Jio Phone is about to change. “The Jio Phone will give you the worst experience ever”. Read the entire blog and you will understand it properly.

What is a Smartphone?

A Smartphone is a smart device which lets you do smart things. Well that’s a simple answer. Let’s elaborate it. A phone that has enough connectivity options that can help you to take advantage of various services and help you to get a better user experience. So let’s talk about these highlighted terms.

Connectivity options:

Most smartphones have a lot of connectivity options like

  • Internet connection (Mobile data & Wi-Fi)
  • Wired connection (USB, Headphone jack)
  • Others (Bluetooth, NFC, Hotspot)

Jio Phone provides all of them except “Hotspot” which is pretty good thing considering the price of the phone.


A smartphone allows a user to get advantages of the following services.

  • Banking (Online banking)
  • Online payment
  • Internet Browsing
  • Online media streaming
  • Social Networking
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video call
  • Online food order
  • Transport facilities (booking cab, train, plane tickets etc)

So with the Jio Phone, you can do Online payment, browse Internet, stream media. You can also use some social networks and Instant Messaging Services. Though Jio has not confirmed about Whatsapp but still there are other things that you can do. Also you can enjoy video calling.


When we get a smartphone, we want to get good experience out of it. Such as – taking photos & videos, Internet browsing, media streaming, social networking, video call, freedom to explore and use useful apps. So here is the deal. An average Jio Phone user will spend ₹7000 on the Jio Phone for the next 3 years and the user will get the worst experience because of the small screen, poor camera and lack of app support.

Who is this for?

Well Jio is targeting people who are still using feature phones. Jio is definitely not targeting the consumers who already have a smartphone as they know how important is the user experience. Also as there is no Hotspot feature, so you can’t even use it as a hotspot device. Jio has a large user base and Jio is trying to get more users with this Jio Phone. So here you can think off “Profit VS User Experience”. Every company has a product strategy development team whose work is to understand the value of profit and the value of user experience and to make balance in between these two. But Jio is focusing on profit only and this leads us to think on the values and the vision of Jio that we have heard on the initial launch in last year. So let us elaborate those user experience issues in details.

  1. With the small screen your media streaming, video calling and web browsing experience will be the worst.
  2. With the poor cameras, you can’t get a considerable picture or video. Also it will affect your video calling experience.
  3. Limited apps means less service. So no online banking, no option to book a cab or ticket and no online food order facility. Here you can also say that this phone is only for rural India where most of these services are not available.

So these are the reasons why you should not get a Jio Phone. Now let’s think about a solution. This is a big chance for other telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone or Idea to implement something new that can help them to retain their users and to provide them a better user experience.

Let’s make a quick calculation first.

Jio Phone pre booking price = ₹500

The payment that you have to make during getting the phone = ₹1,000

Per month, the least amount of money that a Jio user will spend on this phone = ₹150

So for 3 years, a Jio user will spend 150 x 12 x 3 = ₹5,400

We all know that the initial payment of ₹1,500 is refundable after 3 years. But it’s not practical for now. So a Jio user will spend a total of ₹6,900 (500 + 1000 + 5400) on the Jio Phone for the next 3 years. An average phone slows down and gets into technical issues within 2 years of purchasing. So you can imagine your experience with the Jio Phone for 3 years and then you can imagine how much you can expect as the refundable money.

Now let’s talk about the other telecom companies and what they can do. If you have heard of “Carrier service” then this might be a solution for this situation. In Carrier Service, telecom companies tie up with smartphone manufacturing companies to sell smartphones to their users in some bundle options. The bundle includes the smartphone, data plan, talk time, messages and every other thing that you need for a phone including service and security.

So let’s do another calculation.

Let’s think of Airtel as a Carrier and MI as a smartphone manufacturing company. If Airtel provides you a ₹6,000 MI Phone for two years and charges the same ₹150 per month for all the services (data, talk time, messaging etc) then you have to spend a total of ₹9,600 {6000 + (150 x 12 x 2)} for two years. But this will give you a real smartphone experience and the monthly charges that you have to pay as a total is ₹400 (9600/24) which is not that bad. Here it is why:

  1. You will get a good smartphone experience.
  2. Unlimited apps which means unlimited services
  3. The phone will be yours after 2 years.
  4. You may also return the phone after 2 years and get a discount on your new purchase.
  5. You can get repair/replacement services from phone manufacturer and the service provider.  

There are also some cons of the Carrier services such as

  1. Bloatwares – unnecessary preloaded apps
  2. Carrier lock – you can’t use other SIM in that phone within 2 years
  3. Net neutrality

But one can deal with bloatwares comparing to the app availability for Jio Phone and most people use a single SIM card for all the services they access. So this is not a huge deal either and at this point nobody is even questioning Jio about the net neutrality.


In conclusion, this is just a basic calculation with some examples. But if telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone & Idea can implement this in real then they can also bring more affordable packages like ₹300/month or ₹200/month. So that’s all we have to say about the Jio Phone and in our thoughts Jio Phone is the worst business decision that Jio has taken. Also as Jio is saying “Jio Phone – India ka Smartphone”. This is completely a wrong statement. Let us know if Carrier Service in India can help Indian users to get better user experience with better smartphones. Also if you have any questions do let us know in the comments and you can also Email us at