Moment lens: The future of photography is in your pocket.

Moment, one of the most popular smartphone(iPhone) attachable lens designing company, is now back with their new product and like before they are again in the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for this mega project. Till date Moment has raised around $204,000 for this project. Founder of Moment Marc Barros mentioned that it is the most technically advanced project that they have ever worked on.


Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in New York, that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. The goal of this company is to help bring creative projects to life. A year ago, when Moment introduced its first case for mobile photography, the opted the same platform and got a lot of appreciation and fund for their project. The company also ran a Kickstarter campaign for their first product which was a Moment Lens. This time Moment is back with 3 new revolutionary products for phone photography.


  1. Photo case
  2. Battery photo case
  3. A brand new wide lens

Product designer Erik Hedberg explains the whole design story for these new products. He says, after the introduction of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they had to redesign everything from scratch. They made the lens bigger to accommodate the f/1.8 wide aperture of the iPhone 7. Also they have worked on reducing the lens vignetting and you will find no more dark corners in your photos taken with the new 18mm wide lens. These are some of the features that you will get in these new Moment products.

Battery photo case:



This case brings power and photography together. With a 2500 mAh and 3500 mAh battery case you can double the battery life of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. There is a dedicated shutter button you can shoot faster and lock the focus easily. The lens mount of the case is also redesigned and now you can rotate and click the Moment lens just like a DSLR lens.



This case uses the lightning port of the iPhone so that you can use your other Bluetooth accessories while shooting. On iPhone 7 Plus, you can mount the Moment lens on either native lens. It also has a strap attachment option.


Photo case:

This product is about minimal photography. It adds 3mm of thickness to the iPhone which is the thinnest non electronic lens mountable case. It has the same lens mount interface and strap attachment options.


Brand new wide angle lens:

The new lens is a 18mm wide lens. This lens is quite bigger in size comparing to the previous lenses. The increase in size is to get more light for the wide aperture native lens of the iPhone. Also there is no vignetting in this lens. So you can get edge to edge sharp picture with no dark rounded corners.


Designer Audrey Louchart explains how these designs are inspired from their customers. Nowadays phones have better and improved cameras which helps the users to capture their best moments anytime and anywhere. The battery photo case is designed to bridge the gap between your moments and the battery life of the phone so that you won’t miss any of those moments. Moment products are mostly popular among the travellers as these products help to get good quality photos and replace the bulky DSLRs. So they have designed the thinnest non electronic lens mountable case the “Photo case”. With all these features and the price at which the company is offering these products you must agree with the below statement.

“The future of photography is in your pocket !” – Marc Barros Founder, Moment lens

If you are a photography lover, support Moment in the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. Join the Moment Family and be a part of this revolution.

Source: Moment lens, Kickstarter