Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera and f/1.2, f/0.9 ultra bright portrait lenses are coming!

“With 60 year history of making cameras, Nikon has seen and adapted several strategic design change in their product lineup and it will continue to do so in the future”. This is an official statement from Nikon Imaging Product R&D General Manager Tetsuro Goto. In an recent interview he confirmed that Nikon is working on Full-frame mirrorless camera. So these are the things you should know about upcoming Nikon Full-frame mirrorless system.

The company promises that the Full-frame mirrorless camera from Nikon will be different from the currently existing mirrorless cameras in terms of software and hardware to offer better performance and experience to the pro users. Most of the professional photographers are switching to mirrorless cameras for more flexibility and enhanced software feature. So Nikon is adapting the same strategy. The company says they won’t take the popular features from currently existing mirrorless cameras and integrate them to their Full-frame mirrorless lineup. Rather Nikon mirrorless cameras will bring new industry standards for photography and videography.

Nikon has also patented two ultra bright lenses for their Full-frame mirrorless lineup and they are 36mm f/1.2 and 52mm f/0.9. Also there will be some new adapters which will allow the other Nikon lenses to work with the upcoming Full-frame mirrorless lineup.

52mm f/0.9 lens diagram
52mm f/0.9 lens diagram
36mm f/1.2 lens diagram
36mm f/1.2 lens diagram

The recent release from Nikon, the Nikon D850 is getting much appreciation. Nikon has a huge customer base and Nikon says it has always considered the demand of its customers. As the mirrorless cameras are getting the trend, Nikon wants to adapt this tend and to offer something new that does not exist yet in any other mirrorless camera system. Competitors like Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus are already ahead in the mirrorless camera game. The Sony A9 is one of the most popular Full-frame mirrorless camera among the professionals. So mirrorless cameras are no more aimed at enthusiast photographers. The price of these upcoming Full-frame mirrorless cameras, lenses and adaptors are yet to be revealed.

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  • Bruce Jastrow

    So if I read this right customers with a bagful of DSLR Nikon lenses will not be able to use them on a mirror-less Nikon camera without an adapter and would need to purchase a whole new set of lenses. This could turn out to be a turn off for many of Nikon customers.

    • Subham Swain

      Hello Bruce, you are right. This could be a turn off for many Nikon customers. But still its good that they are coming up with an adaptor that will allow the entire Nikon lens family.

    • Brian Miller

      As long as I can use my existing kit while I slowly switch over lenses as I can afford them and have need for them I am ok with this. There was no way to make a mirrorless camera that uses the existing glass directly. If there was Sony would have done it already to take advantage of Minolta and A mount lenses.

      • Marko Shapiro

        I checked at B&H and they have lens adapters for the Sony reflex cameras to Nikon lens. Why can’t a Nikon mirror less full frame have the same hook up as a D of F model camera? I only work in manual focus

        • Nibor

          Might want to look closer at those adapters. They do not transfer any function between the lens and camera. A ‘G’ type lens won’t work at all because there is no aperture ring and all AF lose autofocus and range-to-focus.

    • shaun

      Yes because the dimensions if the glass will not allow it. Mirrorless lenses are much bigger and longer than DSLR lenses. The distance from the sensor has to be the same and with mirrorless bodies much thinner it wouldn’t work. That’s any camera, not just Nikon.

  • Nibor

    “Nikon says it has always considered the demand of its customers.”

    Certainly explains why Nikon hyped the D850 far and wide and then releases a handful with no hint when they might actually start production volumes.

  • Nibor

    Great news Nikon will not be using the ‘F’ mount lenses and instead going with the ‘FU’ mount. Always hoped the opportunity would finally come to put $20K of glass on E-Bay for $5K.