Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera and f/1.2, f/0.9 ultra bright portrait lenses are coming!

“With 60 year history of making cameras, Nikon has seen and adapted several strategic design change in their product lineup and it will continue to do so in the future”. This is an official statement from Nikon Imaging Product R&D General Manager Tetsuro Goto. In an recent interview he confirmed that Nikon is working on …

Facebook Messenger Lite is now available in India.

Like the “Facebook Lite” app, Facebook has launched a lite version of Messenger app targeting the users who are still using old/entry level smartphones or slow internet. The “Facebook Lite” app was initially launched for India only. However, this time the “Messenger Lite” app is available in 130 countries including India.


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Vine is dead!

Twitter killed Vine just acquiring for 6 months. On October 2016, Twitter has announced that they will discontinue Vine in the near future and yes they did it. On January 17, 2016 they shut down the app and launched an archive