Mi Max 2 launched. Specs, Overview and price in India

The second generation Mi Max is here and as the name says it is a huge device in terms of physical size and battery capacity. The Mi Max 2 has a 6.44” display and a 5300 mAh high capacity battery. It supports quick charge 3.0 and Parallel charging. The charger that comes with this device is a 9V/2A charger. Also another cool thing about this device is that it has the current standard USB type C port in it. Which is a very good thing. This phone is made in IndiaThe Mi Max 2 is launched at ₹16,999 which is a decent price for this phone and these are the specifications of the Mi Max 2. Continue reading “Mi Max 2 launched. Specs, Overview and price in India”

YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option

Thumbnail Previews feature is now available on the YouTube desktop website. This feature will show the users a preview of the video when they hover the cursor over the thumbnail. The previews are like GIFs and they are 3 seconds long. The YouTube creators/channel owners do not have any creative control over the Thumbnail Previews and the frames for the previews are selected automatically from the first half of the video. Continue reading “YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option”

Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.

Here’s another big news in cyber crime! Recently in a blog post, Zomato revealed that about 17 million user records from their database were stolen. The stolen information includes User IDs, Names, Usernames, Email address and hashed password of their consumers. However, the company confirmed that all the payment related information are still safe. Continue reading “Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.”

Is the Samsung Z4 worth it?

Samsung is going to release the Samsung Z4 in India on May 19, 2017. It’s the 4th model of the Z – Series and it’s running with Tizen operating system. Samsung has confirmed the price of the device in their recent blog post in Samsung India Newsroom and the price is ₹5,790. Samsung says this phone is for those who want to upgrade to a smartphone from feature phone but don’t want to get into the complexity of Android OS. Let’s find out the truth and check if the Samsung Z4 is worth buying.


The Samsung Z4 has a 4.5” Display with 2.5D glass. It has a 1.5 quad core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory. Memory is also expandable up to 128GB. It has a 2050 mAh battery(removable) and dual SIM support. Coming to the camera, it has 5MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing camera with two flashes. The speaker is just located under the camera. It’s a 4G smartphone and users can also access Samsung theme store and Tizen store on this phone to download themes and apps.

This phone has some “Make for India” features. Such as –

  1. Localized solutions for Indian consumers.
  2. S bike mode.
  3. Ultra power saving mode.
  4. My Money Transfer : Offline banking service
  5. Access latest news in your preferred local language from the home screen.
Moment of truth:

If you know about Tizen OS, you know that it’s not that good compared to Android or iOS. These are some points that you should know before buying the Samsung Z4.

  1. The choice of apps is also very limited. Though  the commonly used apps are currently available for Tizen OS. But, you may not get the app updates frequently.
  2. Samsung India says “The user interface on Samsung Z4 is simple, easy to use and optimized for seamless performance.” With the configuration of the device there is a huge question mark on the seamless performance.
  3. Tizen OS is Samsung’s self improved OS which is also found in the Gear Smartwatches. But there is no Samsung flagship or even mid range Tizen based smartphones available from Samsung. Samsung India says “With more than 500 million feature phone users, India has immense potential for smartphone upgrade.” From this you can understand that it is a “test product”.
  4. Samsung says this phone is specifically designed for “first time smartphone users”. It means that they are not targeting the people who have idea about Tizen OS.
Our opinion:

If you are a first time smartphone user, definitely go for an Android based smartphone. You can find a lot of Android smartphone in the same range (₹5000 – ₹7000). MI phones give more features in this price which includes Google play stores and Google services. The MI interface might be complex for a first time smartphone user. In that case you can opt for a Motorola phone in the same price range. Moto user interface is nearly the same as that of the stock Android.

That’s all you need to know about Tizen and the Samsung Z4. Do let us know your thoughts about this phone and if you have any question you can comment below or contact us at info@360techlife.com

Source: Samsung India Newsroom