So here’s what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Samsung revealed the reason behind the “Note7 exploding issue” and said they have taken bold actions and succeeded to recall 96% of the Galaxy Note 7 sold (3 million devices sold worldwide). 700 researchers have worked for the last 2 months over 200,000 devices and more than 30,000 batteries and they finally got the conclusion.

While the other tech resources found the issue was with the charging regulatory circuit, battery, compact design of the device and heat transfer mechanism, Samsung today revealed that the issue was with the 2 types of battery which were used in this phone. Watch this video in which Samsung explains the 2 factors that caused the battery to get unstable and eventually explode.

Samsung says that they hope this case will serve as an opportunity to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries not only for Samsung but for the entire industry.


Samsung has improved its quality assurance protocols for all Samsung devices to maintain the commitment for safety of its consumers. Samsung will use 8-Point Battery Safety Check for the upcoming devices in which they will monitor all safety related data starting from component production till shipment of the devices. The tests that Samsung has mentioned are –

  1. Durability Test
  2. Visual Inspection
  3. X-Ray Test
  4. Disassembling Test
  5. △OCT Test
  6. Charge and Discharge Test
  7. TVOC Test
  8. Accelerated Usage Test


Samsung has also formed a battery advisory group of external advisers made up of academic and research experts to maintain battery safety and innovation.

Source: Samsung Global Newsroom