Don’t Sarahah me any more!

It all started with sharing a link on Facebook to get feedback on me and now all the bad things are revolving around my head. Some Sarahah users are in this situation right now. It’s a quite good application by which anyone can get feedback. But sometimes it can just show you the worst reality that you never want to face.

Sarahah is an open platform that anyone can use to get feedback on them from the people you know or just from anyone in the world. From the last few days we have came through a lots of Sarahah post on Facebook and analyzed them and we found a common pattern in the mindsets of the users. So it starts with people sharing the Sarahah link on their Facebook timeline and then within one or two days they get a hell lot of feedback and they start sharing the good ones. But soon they get some annoying feedbacks and they share it with their reply. After a couple more days, the final statement comes from the user like “Don’t Sarahah me any more”. That’s the reality of the Sarahah users.

Well if you have not used Sarahah app by now, you may try it once to see the response. But as we have mentioned, sometimes it can really affect your mindset and current situation that you may not be able to focus on your work or on your day to day life just because of an anonymous feedback. So is this app worth using? Well as per the developers, it’s an app to have fun by getting fun feedbacks from people you know so that you can actually guess the person from whom you are getting the feedback. So if you are positive enough that you know your past can not have any effect on your current situation then jump into the ocean of Sarahah and have fun. You can download it from Google playstore or App store. Also it’s a request to go through the feedbacks of the users before installing the app and also let us know your thoughts and experience on this app. BTW we are not on Sarahah so you can put your feedback on the comment or you may Email us at