Should you get one of these ₹20,000 worth SD card for your smartphone?

Remember those days, when you had a 1GB/2GB SD card in your Nokia feature phone and you were proud of that. That SD card was sufficient enough to store all your music, photos and videos. Well that was the Nokia era, the 2010s.

Gradually with the introduction of new Android smartphones every year, the SD card manufacturers also started to produce SD cards with much larger storage space and much higher read and write speed. We saw 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB even 128GB till 2016. With the launch of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung introduced a 256GB SD card which blew everyone’s mind. Though these two phones were advertised to be expandable up to 250GB, they still are compatible with the Samsung 256GB EVO Plus SD card.

Image source: Samsung India

This 256GB SD card from Samsung costs ₹12,000 and you can purchase it from Samsung India official website. But here’s the news. SanDisk recently launched a 256GB SD card which costs around ₹19,000. This SD card will be available to purchase from April 1, 2017. Prior to this SanDisk has also released one 200GB SD card which costs around ₹6,500 in India.

Image source: SanDisk India

In India, an average smartphone user/consumer goes for a smartphone at that price range. Even nowadays you can get a smartphone with good camera, better internal storage and better RAM under ₹10,000 or ₹15,000. Lenovo, MI, Motorola are some of the smartphone manufacturers whom you can trust within this price range. These phones come with an internal storage up to 64GB and some of them also provide external storage option. So if you are an average consumer and you are using a smartphone under ₹20,000 or ₹30,000 should you get one of these costly SD card for your phone? Here is our opinion.

  1. You should not even think about these SD cards as in general, nobody needs that much storage space in a phone. Just remember, wasn’t you happy with that 2GB SD card on your Nokia phone in 2010?
  2. Technically most smartphones under this price range will not support a 256GB SD card. If at all they support, they won’t be fully compatible as the SD card is from a third party manufacturer. Even if you think to get a Samsung 256GB SD card for your budget Samsung phone, it will not work the way you are expecting as the budget Samsung smartphones does not provide a good RAM or processor.
  3. SD cards are not reliable. Everyone must have gone through such frustrating time where you have lost all your beautiful memories due to the uncertain failure of the  SD card. Once a SD card gets corrupted, its hard/almost impossible to recover all those data. So if you are using a 2GB SD card or a 256GB SD card, it the card gets corrupted, you have no option left. Though some of the SD card manufacturers provide lifetime warranty (10 years with several terms and conditions), they can only provide you a replacement SD card not your data.

So what is the ideal size of a SD card that you should get for your smartphone?

If you are using a high end smartphone such as the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge or any other smartphone from different manufacturer you have the option to use these 256GB SD cards in your phone. But these phones also have an internal storage of 32GB from which you can use up to 27GB. If this is not sufficient enough as per your requirement you may consider adding an external SD card of 32GB or 64GB or 128GB at max if you are into photography and you record videos in 4K with these phones.

If you are using a mid range or a budget smartphone, most of them provide an internal storage up to 64GB from which at least 55GB of storage is available for you. That is a huge memory space. So you might not even need an external SD card. Even if you need a SD card, you may consider adding a 32GB or a 64GB SD card at max. You may even consider a 16GB SD card if that meets your requirement.


Image source: Samsung India

In our opinion, spending around ₹20,000 on a SD card is not a good decision. Even the price difference within the SanDisk 200GB and 256GB SD card is around ₹15,000 in which you can get another phone or a cool pair of headphones for your phone. If you are planning to get an external SD card, check the complete specification of your phone, analyze and calculate the storage that you actually need in your phone and then go for any available SD card. Also don’t forget to check the read-write speed, compatibility and warranty of the SD card before purchasing.