Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.

Here’s another big news in cyber crime! Recently in a blog post, Zomato revealed that about 17 million user records from their database were stolen. The stolen information includes User IDs, Names, Usernames, Email address and hashed password of their consumers. However, the company confirmed that all the payment related information are still safe. Continue reading “Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.”

YouTube Go: A brand new app for India!

Google India as a part of “Google for India” initiative has launched their first app “YouTube Go” which is an offline YouTube service specifically designed for India. This app is basically designed to save mobile data. In this app you can download and share your favorite YouTube video using less data. Google India has announced about this app in September 2016 and now the app is in “Unreleased” version, but available in Google Play.

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Google Pixel or Pixel XL is NOT water proof.

While the flagship smart phones from Samsung and Apple are rated with IP68 and IP67 respectively, Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are rated with IP53. However the price range of all these devices are the same.
In fact all of above mentioned devices are NOT water proof. The Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 are dust and water resistant and there is a huge difference between “waterproof” and “water resistant”. Continue reading “Google Pixel or Pixel XL is NOT water proof.”