YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option

Thumbnail Previews feature is now available on the YouTube desktop website. This feature will show the users a preview of the video when they hover the cursor over the thumbnail. The previews are like GIFs and they are 3 seconds long. The YouTube creators/channel owners do not have any creative control over the Thumbnail Previews and the frames for the previews are selected automatically from the first half of the video. Continue reading “YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option”

YouTube Go: A brand new app for India!

Google India as a part of “Google for India” initiative has launched their first app “YouTube Go” which is an offline YouTube service specifically designed for India. This app is basically designed to save mobile data. In this app you can download and share your favorite YouTube video using less data. Google India has announced about this app in September 2016 and now the app is in “Unreleased” version, but available in Google Play.

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