Canon announces 3 new cameras in the EOS lineup.

On February 15, 2017, Canon announced 2 new DSLRs (EOS 800D, EOS 77D)and one Mirrorless camera(EOS M6). The official pre-order has already been started and the cameras will be available from April 2017. EOS 800D is an entry level DSLR and EOS 77D is a mid range DSLR. Most of the features in these two cameras are similar. The EOS M6 is purely designed for the photography enthusiasts and travellers who love to shoot with mirrorless cameras only. Here are some of the features of these new cameras.

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After Snapchat story and Instagram story, now it’s time for “Whatsapp story”!

In a future update, the popular messaging app “Whatsapp” will provide the option to add stories similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories. After a huge success in Instagram stories, Facebook has been working on implementing the same feature to Whatsapp for a long time. This feature might replace the status feature in Whatsapp and the users will be able to add photos and videos and messages to their whatsapp story which will last only for 24 hours. Continue reading “After Snapchat story and Instagram story, now it’s time for “Whatsapp story”!”

Moment lens: The future of photography is in your pocket.

Moment, one of the most popular smartphone(iPhone) attachable lens designing company, is now back with their new product and like before they are again in the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for this mega project. Till date Moment has raised around $204,000 for this project. Founder of Moment Marc Barros mentioned that it is the most technically advanced project that they have ever worked on. Continue reading “Moment lens: The future of photography is in your pocket.”

Instagram is bringing photo album option soon.

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing application has recently introduced a lot of interesting features which are being well appreciated among all Instagrammers and people who are active in social media. Some of these cool features are “Instagram story” an exact replica of Snapchat story, “Boomerang”, “Live story” etc. However, the coolest feature is yet to come. Instagram is currently working on this new feature where any user can upload a photo album to Instagram. This is definitely going to change your overall Instagram experience. Read the complete article to know the details about this feature. Continue reading “Instagram is bringing photo album option soon.”

GoPro Karma is coming back in 2017

After the tragic recall in late 2016, GoPro Inc. has announced that the company is now ready to re-release the GoPro Karma very soon. GoPro Karma was originally released in September 2016 at a price of $799 and was one of the most popular consumer end drone. However, the company recalled the drone soon after the release due to several lawsuits as there were several reports regarding the drone falling down during the flight. Continue reading “GoPro Karma is coming back in 2017”

Best point and shoot cameras for Christmas 2016.

Point and shoot cameras are not so popular these days. But as a photographer or photography enthusiast if you want to take your photography to the next level or if you just want to upgrade to a good camera from regular cellphone photography or just to gift your dearest ones on this Christmas, here are our top 4 point and shoot cameras under the price Rs. 10,000/- Continue reading “Best point and shoot cameras for Christmas 2016.”