After Snapchat story and Instagram story, now it’s time for “Whatsapp story”!

In a future update, the popular messaging app “Whatsapp” will provide the option to add stories similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories. After a huge success in Instagram stories, Facebook has been working on implementing the same feature to Whatsapp for a long time. This feature might replace the status feature in Whatsapp and the users will be able to add photos and videos and messages to their whatsapp story which will last only for 24 hours. Continue reading “After Snapchat story and Instagram story, now it’s time for “Whatsapp story”!”

YouTube Go: A brand new app for India!

Google India as a part of “Google for India” initiative has launched their first app “YouTube Go” which is an offline YouTube service specifically designed for India. This app is basically designed to save mobile data. In this app you can download and share your favorite YouTube video using less data. Google India has announced about this app in September 2016 and now the app is in “Unreleased” version, but available in Google Play.

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Moment lens: The future of photography is in your pocket.

Moment, one of the most popular smartphone(iPhone) attachable lens designing company, is now back with their new product and like before they are again in the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for this mega project. Till date Moment has raised around $204,000 for this project. Founder of Moment Marc Barros mentioned that it is the most technically advanced project that they have ever worked on. Continue reading “Moment lens: The future of photography is in your pocket.”

Samsung Pay is coming to India.

In the last quarter of 2016, demonetisation has increased the usage of online payment service and e Wallet system in India. The most popular online fund transfer app/website “Paytm” has taken the most advantage of this situation and has now over 147 million wallet users. With the growing number of users in online payment system, Samsung is planning to launch its own online payment system “Samsung Pay” soon in India. Continue reading “Samsung Pay is coming to India.”

Galaxy S7 Edge (128GB) is now available in India.

During the launch of the Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge, D.J. Koh (Samsung’s head of mobile) has announced that these smartphones will be available with 32GB of internal storage space only. He mentioned that these devices are capable of supporting external storage drives up to 200GB. So it will be enough storage space for a smartphone. He also mentioned that Samsung might come up with a new version of Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge with a larger internal storage space. Continue reading “Galaxy S7 Edge (128GB) is now available in India.”

So here’s what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Samsung revealed the reason behind the “Note7 exploding issue” and said they have taken bold actions and succeeded to recall 96% of the Galaxy Note 7 sold (3 million devices sold worldwide). 700 researchers have worked for the last 2 months over 200,000 devices and more than 30,000 batteries and they finally got the conclusion. Continue reading “So here’s what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7!”

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

On January 19, 2017, Chinese smartphone manufacturing company “Xiaomi” launched their next Note line up phone “Redmi Note 4” in 3 different configurations. The Redmi Note 3 was one of the best seller of last year smartphones in India. The key feature which makes this phone feel like the best seller of this year is the RAM and the battery. Read the complete article to know more about this phone.

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