WhatsApp group voice and video calls coming soon!

WhatsApp group call feature will be available very soon. On a latest beta version of the iOS app, it was spotted and now it’s almost confirm that group voice call is coming to WhatsApp environment. However, there is only one reference available about the Group Video call feature. WhatsApp has added a lot of features for the one billion plus users. But it is not sure when exactly these group calling features will be available. Continue reading “WhatsApp group voice and video calls coming soon!”

Facebook launches food order and delivery service in U.S.

Facebook rolled out a new “Food order” feature for its US users, where the users won’t have to leave the social network and they can order food from nearby restaurants within Facebook. This feature will provide both delivery and takeout option from select restaurants like Five Guys, Papa John’s and Panera. Also it includes on-demand services from EatStreet, Delivery.com, ChowNow and DoorDash. Read more to know about Facebook food delivery service. Continue reading “Facebook launches food order and delivery service in U.S.”

WWIM16 : Worldwide InstaMeet starts from today.

In 2017, Instagram is now an integral part of our social life. Most of us use Instagram on a daily basis. Also people are using Instagram to grow their business. After the integration of Instagram Story, the number of Instagram users has increased significantly. So do you know about Worldwide InstaMeet or InstaMeet in general? Read this blog till the end and you will find all the information regarding InstaMeet. Continue reading “WWIM16 : Worldwide InstaMeet starts from today.”

YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option

Thumbnail Previews feature is now available on the YouTube desktop website. This feature will show the users a preview of the video when they hover the cursor over the thumbnail. The previews are like GIFs and they are 3 seconds long. The YouTube creators/channel owners do not have any creative control over the Thumbnail Previews and the frames for the previews are selected automatically from the first half of the video. Continue reading “YouTube videos now have Thumbnail Previews option”

Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.

Here’s another big news in cyber crime! Recently in a blog post, Zomato revealed that about 17 million user records from their database were stolen. The stolen information includes User IDs, Names, Usernames, Email address and hashed password of their consumers. However, the company confirmed that all the payment related information are still safe. Continue reading “Zomato hacked! – 17 million user records were stolen.”

Use Samsung Dex to improve your Instagram photos!

Samsung Dex is an amazing tool which gives a desktop like experience with your smartphone. Well it’s only compatible with the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. Though Samsung Dex is not a powerful tool compared to a Mac desktop or Windows desktop, but it can come really handy for certain tasks if time and flexibility are your priority. In this article, you will find how you can use Samsung Dex to improve your Instagram photos. If you do not have a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, not to worry, you can also use the method on the device that you have.

Understanding Samsung Dex platform:

Dex is a dock/hub which allows the user to connect a phone (Galaxy S8/S8 Plus), a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. It can also be connected to an Ethernet connection, but that is not required for the specific task that we are going to perform in this experiment.

By setting up all the above items, one can have the desktop like experience from their phone. So the user can use the Android apps from their phone on a bigger screen and perform the tasks with a much better flexibility with the help of a physical keyboard and a mouse. Also this process is quite convenient. Nobody would like to import one photo from their phone to their computer and edit it through a massive photo editing tool and then again export back to the phone just to upload it to Instagram.

Google play store is highly optimized for Samsung Dex. So a lot of apps are compatible to run on a full screen/desktop screen. So these are the steps that you need to know to improve your photos using Samsung Dex.

  1. Connect your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus to your Samsung Dex station. It will soon provide you two options. Such as “Screen mirroring” and “Samsung Dex”. You can choose either of them. First go with “Samsung Dex” then you can experiment with the “Screen mirroring” option later.
  2. Go to your Gallery and choose a picture that you want to edit. Then click on the “Share via” option and open the photo with one of your favorite photo editing app. These are some of the recommended apps which are the best for Android platform.

a. Snapseed


c.  Adobe Lightroom mobile

  1. After this you can edit the photo in the same way that you used to do in your phone. But the only difference will be in terms of flexibility and precision. Your editing process will be much flexible and the tools those you will apply will be more precise.
  2. After editing the picture, you may directly upload the picture from your Dex station or you may take the phone back from the Dex station and upload it to Instagram from the phone directly.

I do not have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a S8 Plus. How this process is useful for me?

A lot of readers might think this on the first place by reading the headline of this article. But it’s all about the concept not the gadget/tool. “Screen mirroring” is the alternative option that is available in almost all Android smartphones. Through this process you can even mirror the screen of your phone on a huge TV and edit your picture in a better way.

We hope you like this article. If you have any other innovative idea that one can implement in improving the quality of their Instagram photos, do let us know. Also follow us on Instagram at @360techlife for more ideas and DIY kind of stuffs.

Instagram mobile website now allows to upload photos and explore.

The largest photo sharing app Instagram just announced one new upgrade to its platform. From the beginning, Instagram has been application specific and was available for iOS and Android. But recently Instagram has updated its mobile website where, a User can upload a picture from the mobile device or various cloud services and use the Explore tab. Continue reading “Instagram mobile website now allows to upload photos and explore.”

Instagram adds the Pinterest killer update!

Instagram just added a new feature, where you can create collection of photos like Pinterest. On one of the latest blog post, Instagram explains this new feature by saying it’s a new productivity tool where you can collect specific type of pictures for your reference. However, this feature does not seem to be new. With this new update, now Instagram is directly targeting Pinterest by taking their pin tool. Continue reading “Instagram adds the Pinterest killer update!”