Vine is dead!

Twitter killed Vine just acquiring for 6 months. On October 2016, Twitter has announced that they will discontinue Vine in the near future and yes they did it. On January 17, 2016 they shut down the app and launched an archive

Vine was one of its own kind, there was no similar app that was as popular as Vine. It had over 200 million users. However, as Twitter says with time they have noticed a gradual decrease in the engagement not in the userbase. The userbase was increasing but due to other emerging video sharing platforms like Instagram video, Snapchat, Facebook live and Periscope the popularity of Vine decreased.

Twitter announced the death of Vine after struggling for a long time to maintain the userbase, add new users and generating more revenue from Vine. However, Twitter decided to prioritize profit rather than creativity and discontinued Vine.

Vine app was one of the top free app in the Google play store and in Apple app store. But now you can find a new app in the app store called Vine Camera. Yes it’s a camera app from the same company and you can still make those 6.5 second long video loops with this app. But the community is dead. But you can share those loops in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.