After Snapchat story and Instagram story, now it’s time for “Whatsapp story”!

In a future update, the popular messaging app “Whatsapp” will provide the option to add stories similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories. After a huge success in Instagram stories, Facebook has been working on implementing the same feature to Whatsapp for a long time. This feature might replace the status feature in Whatsapp and the users will be able to add photos and videos and messages to their whatsapp story which will last only for 24 hours.

Reports about this features first came in November 2016. Currently this feature is only available to some users in the iOS Beta version(2.17.4). Uses can also check who have seen their stories/status update and the users can also send the stories as a message to their contacts.

According to the leaked images, the story function will be the exact similar to the Instagram stories where the users will get a “+” icon inside a circle. By tapping on the icon, user will be able to take picture, video or use recent pictures from the phone gallery. Users can also customize the story with various tools like “stickers”, “time stamp”, “location stamp”. Also according to the leaks, whatsapp stories will be private and only the contacts of a user can view them. However, user can change the privacy option and put their stories for public view.

Facebook has been copping this popular feature from Snapchat for a long time. First Facebook introduced “temporary profile picture and video” in the Facebook app, then implemented the feature in Instagram with some extra features (Instagram live story, hands free and Boomerang). Now this feature will also come to the messaging service “Whatsapp”. As “Boomerang” is a supporting app for Instagram and owned by Facebook, they might also implement the same feature to Whatsapp story.

Updated: February 24, 2017

WhatsApp story is now available for everyone. You may update the app from the App store/ Play store to get this feature. On the top navigation bar, now you will find 2 more tabs such as

a. Camera icon

b. Status

Using the camera icon, you can snap a picture and edit it within WhatsApp and you may either send it to your contacts or put it as your Status. By tapping on Status, you can directly. You can also change the privacy settings and see the stories/status of your friends/contacts. You can add multiple photos and videos to your story and they will automatically disappear in 24 hours.

On the official Facebook page, WhatsApp has shared a video which explains how to use this new feature. Click here to watch the sample video.