WWIM16 : Worldwide InstaMeet starts from today.

In 2017, Instagram is now an integral part of our social life. Most of us use Instagram on a daily basis. Also people are using Instagram to grow their business. After the integration of Instagram Story, the number of Instagram users has increased significantly. So do you know about Worldwide InstaMeet or InstaMeet in general? Read this blog till the end and you will find all the information regarding InstaMeet.

“An InstaMeet is a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together. That’s it!” says the community page of Instagram. But InstaMeet means a lot more. It is definitely a gathering of people who are using Instagram. It is also an opportunity to interact with other Instagrammers and to share tips and tricks with them. Instagram is growing rapidly with a lot of new functions. So you might not be knowing all the things that Instagram offers. So it is a chance for all of us/ Instagrammers to know each other and to share Insta tips among each other. Also it will help you to collaborate with other Instagrammers to grow your Instagram account or related business. Mostly photographers or videographers join these kind of events. But it is for all kind of Instagrammers whether you are an artist or if you are a business owner or even if you only upload selfies to your Instagram account.

InstaMeets are happening all the time. But Worldwide InstaMeet (#WWIM) happens twice a year where Instagram provides a theme for the meetup. This weekend(8th September – 10th September) Instagram is celebrating the 16th Worldwide InstaMeet and the theme of this meetup is “#KindComments”. You may visit the community page of Instagram or Instagram Official blog to find more details about this theme.  

So if you are interested enough to join an InstaMeet at your location, you may click here to go to the community page of Instagram, where you can find the details about the InstaMeets happening around you.

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