YouTube Go: A brand new app for India!

Google India as a part of “Google for India” initiative has launched their first app “YouTube Go” which is an offline YouTube service specifically designed for India. This app is basically designed to save mobile data. In this app you can download and share your favorite YouTube video using less data. Google India has announced about this app in September 2016 and now the app is in “Unreleased” version, but available in Google Play.

The app size is 8.5MB and through this app you can share videos instantly to nearby users without using any data. So there are some of the cool features of this app.

Super fast:

This app is designed to work with less storage space and slow internet. Also, your phone will not freeze/hang while using the app. This app supports the android devices running with or over “Android Jellybean” (4.1).

Data control:

In this app, you can choose between streaming or downloading a video. You can also preview videos before downloading or streaming. You can also choose how many MBs you want to spend on videos as Google says “Ab mazze udao, data nahi! 🎉”.

Instant video sharing:


With this app you can share videos instantly to nearby users and the video transfer will not use any mobile data. Also the transfer speed is super fast and it can transfer a complete video in seconds. Once the nearby person receives a video a quick 15KB security check option will allow to play the video.

Video download:


Unlike the YouTube app where you can save limited number of videos to the YouTube app, with YouTube Go you can download the videos to your phone memory or SD card and you can play them without buffering. You can watch them anytime anywhere and many times with no extra data usage.

The app is currently in Beta version and they put the disclaimer that the app might be unstable. However, the app is running perfectly. You can’t find the app in Google play by searching “YouTube Go”. However, if you want to download the app and get the early experience search for any Google app. Then tap on “More apps by Google”. You can find YouTube Go(Unreleased). Read the description, download the app and have fun. The app requires a verification process so you need to enter the mobile number to get the verification code. If the app is installed in a device and the SIM card is installed in a different device then you won’t get the verification code. Also if you are interested enough to join the Beta testing program, you can join and give your feedback. It will help the developer team to identify and remove the bugs.

Source: YouTube Go